CUS – customised insulation cold rooms and panels

CUS is the line that develops tailor made insulation cold rooms and panels. Whatever your project, our technical staff will be able to find the most suitable solution for your space and needs.

CUS Line

Preserving passion in every dimension

A unique project requires a tailor-made solution.

We want to preserve the most precious asset: your ideas, your passion.

That is why, step by step, we will design and build together the most suitable insulation solution for your needs. Because what is made with the heart needs to be cherished with care.

Panels can be customised, from the thickness to the choice of materials and hookig, depending on the area of use and the temperature (-80 to +120).
Possibility of customising the door, with a wide range of thicknesses and finishes
Glass windows
Possibility of inserting thermal glass windows.
Customised covering material, both in type, finishing and colour.
Suitable for all loads
Reinforced prefabricated floor panel.
Accessories and hardware
Wide range of fasteners and accessory hardware, depending on use

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CUS adapts to your needs in every way, we design your cold room and temperature-controlled room. Request information now, contact us directly.

CUS - No limits to customisation.

CUS is our highly customisable line, which is suitable for an infinite number of areas of use.

Climate and test chambers

Climate and test chambers

Efficient thermal insulation makes it possible to create perfect rooms for controlled leavening.

Biomedical sector

Biomedical sector

The particularity of the thicknesses allows to retain temperatures down to -40% ideal for storage of delicate pharmaceutical materials.

Leather exhibition

Leather exhibition

Everything is taken care of to preserve delicate leathers and products as much as possible. Temperature and humidity are controlled to preserve your products over time.

Preservation of antique books

Preservation of antique books

Humidity and temperature controlled, with CUS at the heart of the project is your product to be preserved over time, such as books and ancient manuscripts.

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, mountain and sea, are good teachers, and teach some of us more than we can learn from books.”

John Lubbock

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